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 Now you NEED 8 POST to be a READER

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Now you NEED 8 POST to be a READER Empty
PostSubject: Now you NEED 8 POST to be a READER   Now you NEED 8 POST to be a READER EmptyThu May 23, 2013 8:44 pm

This is a message to every person in the MEMBERS group!

In order to download our releases, members need to make 8 non-spam posts.

1. All post must be a complete sentence, NOT just "yes" or "i like this".

2. You can either create a new topic or post a reply to an existing one. Please do not post in old, dead topics.

3. NO DOUBLE POSTING! Double posting counts as one post.

4. The post must be an answer to the TOPIC. Don't leave comments such as 'can't wait', 'like it', 'looks interesting', etc... Posts with only emoticons will be deleted.

5. When members have 8 non-spam posts, they have to CREATE A TOPIC [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and put the links to their 8 posts. They will automatically become a reader, but an Administrator will have to change their status before they can view our releases section.

6. Please remember that we have three days delay, so please do not upload our work to any site without our permission.
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Now you NEED 8 POST to be a READER
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